Once cleared for production by Engineering, the project then enters the manufacturing floor. Our experienced staff can then utilize any number of traditional processes housed in our 100,000 sq. ft. facility to shape the Customer’s product (shears, punch presses, press brakes, s&c machines, etc.).

    The stars of our production floor are our two Finn-Power Turret Presses, Motoman Robotic Welder, and our array of Schlatter Wire Grid Robotic Welders. Crowning all of that is our Mitsubishi 3015 LXP CO2 Laser Cutting System (Laser) for intricate, high tolerance projects.

    Operating all of that machinery is an experienced fabrication staff, most of whom have been with the company since our founding. Our full Mig/Tig Welding Departments are manned by some of the best welders in the industry, and the entire process is backed up by our full Tool and Die Department.

    No matter the job or part, the team here at Hamrock, Inc. can bend, weld and shape with the precision and confidence that only years of experience in the industry can bring.

Machine List

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Machine List