Laser Cutting System


Laser Cutting System

“Precise. Clean. Focused.”


    These are just some of the words that can be attributed to the range of products we here at Hamrock, Inc. fabricate using our Mitsubishi 3015 LXP CO2 Laser Cutter.


    We can cut nearly any part or design in flat sheet metal using the Laser’s 3 axis head, maximize our piece count with a laser bed that can handle sheet sizes up to 60″ x 120″, all fed by a dual pallet hopper so that workflow can proceed virtually uninterrupted. This mean we can efficiently take on production runs of nearly any quantity.


    Pieces that come out of the laser cutting system benefit from the highest tolerance tool we have at our disposal, all of which adds to the artistic look and feel of any project that goes under it’s lens.


3 Axis CNC Mistubishi 3015 LXP CO2 Laser System Cutting Abilities:

Sheet sizes from: 60″ x 120″

Aluminum: Up to 1/4″ Thick

• Stainless Steel: Up to 1/4″ Thick

• Mild Steel: Up to 3/8″ Thick

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