Hamrock, Inc. was founded primarily as a steel wire products manufacturer in 1976, but our involvement in the industry spans over sixty years.
    Today, while still important, the fabrication of steel wire products plays a smaller role in the overall picture of company capabilities, assuming a greater complimentary role in the construction of more comprehensive metal and mixed-media products.
Our investment in wire fabricating equipment alone exceeds three million dollars.

Wire Gauge Range:

13ga (.o92) – 1/2 inch (.500)


S&C Machines, Bending (air/hydraulic), Spot & Press Welders, 2 Automatic Schlatter Mat Welders, Pressbrakes, Punchpresses, Trimmers


   Our sheetmetal capabilities play a major role in the continued success of Hamrock, Inc. Combined with our tubing and wire capabilities, we can provide just about any comprehensive product designed within the range of materials we can process.


Steel (hot rolled, cold pressed, HR P&O), Stainless, Aluminum

Sheetmetal Gauges:.

24ga – 7ga (.177)

Plate Thickness:

.188 – .375


Shears, Laser Cutter, 2 Turret Presses, Plasma Cutter, Punchpresses, CNC Pressbrakes, Pyramid Rollers, PEM Setters


   Tube fabrication capabilities are essential to our role as a one-stop source for custom manufactured products. We have a full range of processing machinery and can cut, bend, punch, slot and roll our tubing material.
Please take a look at our full machinery list including all of our Tube Processing capabilities here.

Our capabilities include:

Cutting, Hole Punching, Slotting, Swaging, Bending, Rolling

Shapes & Sizes:

1/2″sq round – 4″sq round, Rectangular, Square, Round

Mixed Media, Acrylic, Vinyl, Glass, Wood & More

   In addition to our expertise in custom metal fabrication, we also have extensive experience in utilizing mixed media componentry into the final design and construction of our products. Wood, acrylic, glass, plastics and electrical components can accentuate an otherwise static display into a dynamic showcase.

Over the years Hamrock, Inc. has cultivated many relationships with local mixed-media vendors to satisfy applications ranging from decals and vinyl appliques for retail operations to incorporating interactive multimedia displays into our designs for trade shows and electronics retailers nationwide.

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