One of the reasons Hamrock, Inc. has remained successful in an industry that continues to source more and more jobs internationally is the unique ability to offer our clients a full-service manufacture process. Each job that we undertake utilizes experience in our:

Engineering and Prototyping Departments

    Customers first present us with a sample, drawing or idea. We then take that concept and further streamline the design in our Engineering Department to best fit the customer’s vision utilizing industry standards in software for design and modeling (Autodesk Inventor/CAD 2012, Jetcam 2012). Our full Prototype Department then mocks up the design for final review by the customer.
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* Engineering

Full Range of Fabrication Processes

    We have a wide array of fabrication techniques & processes at our disposal for sheet metal, tubing, wire and mixed media. Our facility houses everything required to process these materials including a 20 station mig/tig welding department, various manual presses, shears, automated welders and our twin CAD Finn-Power presses.
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* Fabrication

Laser Cutting System

    For the most demanding fabrications, we utilize our Mitsubishi 3015 LXP CO2 cutting laser, capable of cutting various sheet metals up to 1/4 in. thick. Our Laser System is designed to handle the fabrication of pieces too intricate to efficiently process on traditional equipment and is a great tool for us in our continued commitment to quality-driven manufacturing.
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* Laser

Powdercoating Department

    If the plans call for a specific color or finish, we send the job through our 15,000 sq. ft. automated Powdercoating line and batch booths capable of handling both large and small-scale production runs. Powdercoating provides both a durable coating and attractive finish that can mimic more expensive platings (like chrome), and our on-site capabilities put us ahead of the competition who must often outsource their finishing services to other vendors. Click button below to learn more.
* Powdercoating


    Hamrock, Inc.’s commitment to a customer service-driven production process extends all the way to the final fulfillment of our Customer’s product with our assembly area and shipping department. We can assemble the final product in full or partial loadouts and then ship direct from our facility here in Santa Fe Springs near the heart of downtown Los Angeles, CA.

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